Dr. McLaughlin’s Personal Blog

Please allow me to introduce myself...


‘Sympathy for the Devil’ is a great song by the Stones but my heart belongs to Aerosmith…

Most who know me well know that about me. Most who don’t even know me that well know that. I have decided to embark on writing a blog for many reasons, one reason being to introduce myself to some that don’t know me and my world: the beautiful, fascinating, dynamic world of Plastic Surgery.

I have been in practice in Fort Worth, Texas, now for over 11 years. I hail from Tennessee but there is a saying in Texas: ‘Not from here but got here as quickly as I could.’ That’s me. I’m a Texan now and as proud as I could be about that. I came here by way of Georgia where I completed General and Plastic Surgery training then spent a year in Dallas training in Craniofacial Plastics. That my reality is I am now a cosmetic surgeon in Fort Worth was not anticipated but meant to be. I am blissfully happy in my world at West Magnolia Plastic Surgery.

Many friends, family and patients have asked me over the years to write a blog about the ins and outs of Plastic Surgery. I cannot go to a restaurant or out with friends without someone inquiring about something in the world of Plastic Surgery. And that’s fantastic because it is what I love. My practice is extraordinary in many ways…as a female Plastic Surgeon (of which there are many others, several of which are good friends of mine), I have a different level of understanding regarding the interests, concerns of my patients. I make no mystery about what procedures I have done for myself, or in some cases, to myself. It’s a dangerous thing being a girl with skills and tools because sometimes all you need is a little free time and a need to see something improved. But then I digress…

My hope here is to create a place to share, to laugh, sometimes to cry. To explain how something works, or perhaps doesn’t work. Some days things happen that are so funny, I cannot resist not to share. Clearly this never involves the identity of involved parties, or if so only with their approval. My office is filled with women that have been with me for many, many years. We are colleagues in the office and friends outside of the office. I am very proud of that. It is a solid truth that you are only ever as good as those that surround you. For that reason I am indeed pretty darn good.

Regarding me, I take my job very, very seriously but myself…not so much. My mother taught me humility, humor and basic kindness. She was my hero and first best friend. I am proud that so many of my patients consider me a friend. I cannot recall how many times I have told a patient they no longer needed to return for follow up and they were disappointed. Hence the need to have established ‘social follow up’….drop by and see us whenever you’re in the neighborhood.

My hope for this blog is that you’ll tune in to see what’s happening in the operating room, in the office, in our worlds. My hope is to create a conversation to address your interests, concerns.

I love my husband, Jeff, and our dogs Lucy and Tucker. I love to make and decorate cupcakes. I love to ride motorcycles. As I already established, I love Aerosmith (we all have our vices). I love Texas. I love Plastic Surgery. That’s my story. Hope you’ll check back in, share our stories and tell me some of yours.

As my beloved mother always said…

Here’s up to it!