What is rhinoplasty?
Shaping of the nose, including the bone, cartilage and skin.

How long will surgery be?

Surgery takes about 2 hours, longer if associated with other procedures.

What kind of anesthesia will I have?

General anesthesia is used for a rhinoplasty because it is safe and very well controlled. West Magnolia Surgery Center, on site at West Magnolia Plastic Surgery, is fully accredited by the AAAHC. Local anesthesia in injected into the incisions once the patient is under anesthesia for enhanced postoperative comfort.

What is recovery like?

Patients have a splint in the nose for 5 days after surgery; this is removed with the sutures in the office at that time. There is a splint on the outside of the nose in place for 7 to 10 days. Once this is removed, most of the bruising and swelling has resolved but some may remain. Patients remain on light activity for a total of 4 weeks at which time they can resume workouts and a relatively normal schedule. About 80% of swelling is gone within the first 2 weeks but mild to moderate swelling can persist for up to a year after surgery, depending on the nature of the patient’s tissues and related details of the procedure.

What are the risks of a Rhinoplasty?

Injury to adjacent structures, incomplete correction or over correction of the specific concerns-both that may require revision.

How do I prepare for surgery?

A preoperative appointment is scheduled approximately 2 weeks prior to surgery. At this time, all consents and recommendations, instructions for before and after surgery are reviewed. A long list of medications to avoid is reviewed and prescriptions are given for postoperative management.  The day before surgery, all patients are called to review final questions, confirm nothing has occurred since the patient was seen at preop that might require rescheduling of the procedure and to finalize arrival time at the facility. All patients are given ample information at the preoperative appointment regarding a time line of what to expect in the recovery process and when.