What is Otoplasty?
Otoplasty is reshaping of the ears, often as simple as recreating a fold in the upper part of the ear but sometimes more complicated including setback of the entire ear closer to the head.

How long will surgery be?

The duration of surgery is related to the complexity of the procedure: it may take less than an hour for a simple recreation of the fold, up to 2 hours for more complex contouring.

What kind of anesthesia will I have?

General anesthesia is used for a otoplasty because it is safe and very well controlled. West Magnolia Surgery Center, on site at West Magnolia Plastic Surgery, is fully accredited by the AAAHC. Local anesthesia in injected into the incisions once the patient is under anesthesia for enhanced postoperative comfort.

What is recovery like?

Incisions are behind the ears and closed with dissolving sutures. There are soft dressings on the ears after surgery than can be removed after 48 hours, then the patient can shower. I recommend a soft headband around the ears while sleeping for 4 weeks to prevent accidental disruption of the position of the ear.

What are the risks of a Otoplasty?

Relapse of the deformity, attributed to the elastic nature of the cartilage of the ear, hematoma, infection, asymmetry.

How do I prepare for surgery?

A preoperative appointment is scheduled approximately 2 weeks prior to surgery. At this time, all consents and recommendations, instructions for before and after surgery are reviewed. A long list of medications to avoid is reviewed and prescriptions are given for postoperative management.  The day before surgery, all patients are called to review final questions, confirm nothing has occurred since the patient was seen at preop that might require rescheduling of the procedure and to finalize arrival time at the facility. All patients are given ample information at the preoperative appointment regarding a time line of what to expect in the recovery process and when.